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At Geshuku Tomo, we want everyone to have an enjoyable and comfortable experience, and we offer a number of services to make sure that your day to day life here is as pleasant as possible. Here we will introduce Geshuku Tomo's various facilities and the overall floor plan of the building.

An Outline of Geshuku Tomo Geshuku Residents


Men and Women, High School Students, Vocational Students, Junior College Students, College Students, International Exchange Students, Foreign Residents, Working Citizens, Students preparing for exams, and more.

There are also many students who use our facilities as they commute to.

"It tastes great!!"


Meals are served year-round, Monday through Saturday.

Breakfast: 7:00-10:00AM  Dinner: 7:30-10:00PM(Please finish eating by 10 o'clock.)

There are no meals served during the following time periods:
Every sunday
National holiday breakfast

Facilities: Building Information

Number of Rooms

40 Rooms, Japanese-style with Tatami

Room Equipment

Air Conditioner,wifi,Bed,Desk,Chair

Community Facilities:

Dining Room

Coin Laundry:
Washing Machines (4)
Dryers (2)
☆Available for use from 7:00AM ? 11:00PM

Washing Rooms and Toilets (5)


Baths (3)(One of them is for women only)
Open 24/7, 365 days of the year!
☆The bathes are always clean.

Other Information: Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need when moving in?

Futon and Slippers
Desks and Beds (can be rented free of charge).
Curtains, which are already in place in all rooms, but can be changed.

Closing Time/Curfew

Geshuku Tomo is always open.

Important reminder


Because minors are staying, we prohibit no smoking and drinking alcohol.Do not drink alcohol outside.

When become unwell get

We will send you to a nearby hospital.